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5 Strategies to Reducing IT Worker Turnover

Typically there is no single reason for high turnover in any industry. IT is no exception. In fact, IT presents some specific challenges that Nesco has developed specific strategies to meet.

#1 - Targeting Skills

In today's world, knowing specific skill is vital to the success of an IT team. Whether it's a specific programming language, experience installing and maintaining systems, or experience with help desk, digging deeper to match skill to skill candidate and assignment is essential to long-term success. This may seem like an obvious point, but identifying specific skill-sets ensures that an assignment has a foundation for success. Often this is a achieved through a through understanding of a client needs in addition to finding matching skills in a client. While a list of needed skills is a start, often a conversation reveals more specific skills or different skills entirely.

#2 - Matching Culture

Company culture gets a lot of attention and many companies invest heavily in promoting it. At Nesco, we often work with clients to understand their company culture and find candidates that will fit with it. But understanding company culture involves more than reading a mission statement. Truly understanding team dynamics requires conversations and a deeper understanding of what company culture truly is.

#3 - Aligning Expectations

Salary expectations from an employer vs. the market is always an essential conversation. While salary guides are readily available, Nesco often provides on the ground perspectives on what positions are paying. This is helpful in not just attracting talent, but also in retaining talent.

#4 - Future Opportunities

While some assignments are inherently short-term, it’s still important to communicate any future opportunities. While some contractors are only interested in short-term assignments, they may be interested in being assigned at a company again. Often Nesco will discuss assignments with contractors to see if interest in returning to a company exists. This creates a long term relationship with both full-time employees and contractors.

#5 - Listening and Responding

Nesco Resource takes feedback from contractors seriously. In fact, every contractors is surveyed at the beginning, middle, and end of their assignment. These surveys not only provide general feedback on our service, but they also help clients understand the positives and negatives of their environment and offers a way to respond quickly to issues that arise. Nesco also works with its contractors to understand issues and help them address those issues throughout an assignment. This can be helpful to understand broad issues as well as individual challenges.

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