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Ask Your Manager These Questions When Starting a New Job

Once you’ve received a job offer, the pressure is still on for you to solidify the hiring manager’s decision and make a positive first impression as a new employee. An effective way to showcase your professionalism and enthusiasm is by being proactive, rather than waiting around to be told what to do. Ask your manager these questions when starting a new job:

1. “How are you today?”

This may seem like an overly simple question, but making a good first impression with your manager is not just about work matters. Be ready to show interest in getting to know your new boss by making polite, casual small talk. This will establish you as a colleague who is warm and personable.

2. “What can I help you with?”

Demonstrate right away that you are committed to being a team player. Ask your manager how you can be of assistance to them. This will make it clear that you are ready to work hard and make a valuable contribution to the organization.

3. “What should my short-term goals be?”

To get off to a successful start, you need to know exactly what your new manager expects of you. Clarifying your short-term goals, such as the first 30 days, will ensure you and your boss are on the same page. This will also save you unnecessary stress, and keep you from constantly wondering if you are doing a good job since you will know how your manager is evaluating you.

4. “Who should I meet?”

Take steps to acclimate yourself to your new work environment and show that you are excited to be there by inquiring about which of your new colleagues you should meet right away. Getting these key introductions also gives you the opportunity to learn who, besides your boss, you should go to with particular questions.

5. “What’s the best way to communicate with you?”

It is crucial for you to be able to get in touch with your manager when you inevitably have questions as you get used to your new position. Since every manager has their own preferences, find out right away what is the best way to communicate with them - do they prefer email, instant message, phone call or an in-person conversation?

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