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How to Prepare for Behavioral Questions

Behavioral interview questions have no right or wrong answers – theoretically. However, there usually is an answer the interviewer wants to hear, and if you don’t provide it, you probably won’t get the job. Behavioral questions can be intimidating, but by using the STAR method, you can adequately answer virtually any behavioral question, no matter how scary it seems. Continue reading to learn more about the STAR method.


For example, if you are attempting to describe the time you helped another co-worker complete a project, describe the job, setting and the project you helped them complete. This will give the interviewer a decent mental backdrop for the rest of your answer.  


It may seem self-explanatory, but a surprisingly high number of job interviewees cannot describe the tasks they performed in a previous position well. Once you describe the task in detail, explain the problem with the task. For example, you may have been charged with finishing a task that you were not qualified for.  


Arguably the most important part of your answer will involve the action you took to solve the problem at hand. When describing your actions, try to focus only on your role, not the role of a co-worker or boss since the question is directed at you. Be sure you clearly explain how met the challenge.  


What did you actually accomplish? How was the situation at hand remedied? Did things turn out better than expected? Be sure your interviewer knows the answers to these questions. 

Tips for Using STAR

If you want to properly utilize the STAR method, here are some tips:

• Avoid generalizations (be specific)

• Avoid embellishments and lies. These can be revealed when an employer decides to contact a previous manager or reference.

• Use only positive examples.

• Reference recent experiences.

• Don’t purposefully try to make others look bad.

These tips can help you answer almost any behavioral question with ease.

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