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Managing Employees Who Don't Get Along

Most modern workplaces are filled with a plethora of different personality types, and sometimes, conflict is inevitable. This doesn’t mean you have to get involved in every single spat that occurs between employees, but there may be times when you are forced to intervene. If you have employees who don’t get along with each other, taking the following steps can solve the problem.

Uncover the Source of the Problem

Before you take action to quell the dispute, you should develop a firm understanding of it. Conflicts can stem from a variety of issues, and if you don’t understand the issue at the heart of the conflict, you won’t be able to solve it. Some of the most common causes of workplace conflict include:

• Unfair pay structures

• One employee is not pulling their weight

• Perceived favoritism from a supervisor

• Clashing personalities

• High stress levels

• Workplace gossiping

Some of the problems listed above are easier to solve than others, but you must speak with the quarreling employees to understand the root of the problem.

Take Action

After speaking with each employee, and ensuring you have a strong understanding of the issues between them, you will need to take a course of action. Leaving the conflict to fester is the worst thing you can possibly do, and you must muster up the courage to take action. Consider taking the following steps:

• Make it clear to both employees that if the conflict continues, disciplinary action will be taken against both employees.

• Offer to separate each employee or transfer them to different departments.

• Remedy the situation. For example, if one person is receiving a higher salary than the other person, you may have to consider giving the other employee a raise. If they do not deserve a raise, you will need to explain in a firm and compassionate manner why.

In many cases, you may just have to encourage the employees to agree to disagree. This means they must get along in the workplace and complete projects, regardless of how they feel about each other.

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