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Preparing for Re-Opening and Re-Integration: How Essential Businesses Can Prepare

It is no secret that the way we all do business has drastically changed as a result of COVID-19 closures and restrictions. From small businesses to those deemed non-essential, preparing for re-opening or worker reintegration is key during this time. Many businesses have begun putting plans in place to aid the re-opening process. 

Even businesses that have been deemed essential will have changes as re-opening continues to unfold. Businesses that have been open through the COVID-19 pandemic will have to adapt to new safety procedures as well as mandated business operations such as limiting the number of people in stores, offices etc., following safe social distancing practices and employee personal protective equipment requirements.

1. Consider Changing Demands: with all of the current changes that are happening so quickly, it is natural for businesses and key personnel to feel stressed when thinking about a re-opening plan. Many are eager to get back into their jobs, but there is also doubt and uncertainty with COVID-19 and not knowing what the future holds. Consider re-opening as an opportunity to make subtle changes to your business that you may have been putting off such as implementing new policies, creating more efficient processes or delegating more responsibility to team members that have shown potential within the organization. 

2. Follow Regulatory Changes: It is important that any business or organization stays ahead of the updates provided by state and local authorities. Be sure to follow announcements and guidelines provided by both your state and your local officials by visiting their online update forums and websites. On these sites, you will be able to access the latest information and receive helpful tips on how to conduct business during the re-opening phase of COVID-19. OSHA and SHRM are also helpful resources for keeping ahead of rapidly changing scenarios.

3. Work with a Staffing Partner: working with a staffing partner can not only provide you with employees, but can also get you back on track within your organization and quickly meet changing dynamics of the workforce. Whether you need to meet production deadlines, cover employment gaps or add extra hands to the job, working with a staffing partner can provide you quality candidates with varying skill sets to help your organization grow.

4. Establish Long-Term Procedures: it is essential that businesses and organizations practice social distancing and cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 as well as keeping their employees, customers and themselves safe. Here are a few tips for long-term business procedures:

  • Social distancing: make sure everyone maintains minimum of 6 feet between themselves and others.
  • Cleaning schedule: implement a regular cleaning schedule to disinfect and sanitize work stations, restrooms, lobby areas, break rooms and other frequently visited areas and high-touch surfaces. Create and maintain cleaning standards to be implemented throughout the office, workspace and work environment. Practice cleaning and disinfecting multiple times per day.
  • Deep cleaning: look into professional deep clean sanitation options in your local area. Many companies are available to provide industrial-grade disinfection to your work areas.
  • Personal protective equipment: Wear gloves and masks when available to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Personal hygiene: wash hands frequently with soap and water. If washing is not readily available, use hand sanitizers.

The Importance of Internal Communications

As you begin to reintegrate or reopen your business, keep internal communications in mind. Remember that it is important to release essential updates in a variety of formats to ensure maximum effectiveness. Consider using multiple mediums to communicate with your employees: posters, emails, video, webinars/conference calls, personal phone calls, and employee intranet. Use moments of positive reinforcement as you see people embracing new policies.

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If you are re-opening or re-integrating employees after COVID-19 and need to get your business back on track with demand and production, let Nesco Resource work for you. Our dedicated staffing team will find you quality candidates, who are available to help your business get back on track during these ever-changing times. With over 60 years of experience and expertise in the staffing industry, let us work for you.

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