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Resume Points That Immediately Stick Out to Recruiters

Recruiters receive so many resumes, they generally only briefly scan them to quickly decide which ones are worth taking a more in-depth look at later. If you want to get your resume noticed, you must write it to make it clear at-a-glance that you are qualified. Make your resume stick out to recruiters by including these key points:

● Formatting for Maximum Readability

If your resume looks too cluttered and difficult to read, your qualifications may not get noticed. Format your resume for maximum readability, so the content is able to be easily retained. Eliminate excessive wordiness and break up chunks of text with bullets or line spaces to increase white space on the page. Use basic fonts and avoid any special characters; you never know what systems, programs, or devices your resume will be viewed on, and you do not want to risk your resume being messy or unreadable due to an incompatibility.

● Relevant Skills Only

Job seekers often feel they have to include all their responsibilities from previous jobs on their resume. However, recruiters only want to see the skills you have that are relevant for the job at hand. Remember, your resume is a document to market yourself for a specific job, not a conclusive history of your previous positions. Review job postings for positions in which you are interested and define the most necessary qualifications. As you write your resume, highlight your skills that directly relate to the job and eliminate the extraneous ones that do nothing but add clutter to your resume.

● Objective Accomplishments

What recruiters want to see more than what your previous job experience entails is how well you performed. A simple listing of bullet points describing your assigned job duties does not tell them anything about what type of performer you are. Strengthen your resume with examples of objective accomplishments, such as any numbers or specific accolades. For example: “managed a team of five people” or “increased revenue by 10%” or “named Salesperson of the Year.”

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