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Top Five Things You Should Never Say During a Job Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, even for the most seasoned job seeker. Despite this fact, everyone has to interview at one point or another, and if you don’t say what employers want to hear, you likely won’t receive a job offer. If you are currently in the market for a job, here are the top five things you should never say during a job interview.

1. I Need This Job

When you say things like “I really need this job,” it puts a remarkable amount of pressure on the hiring manager. Everyone needs a job to pay their bills and provide for themselves, but you should never say this out loud. To avoid coming across as needy or desperate, you can rephrase your sentiment as “I’m really interested in working for your company.”  

2. I Have to Take This Call

The cell phone is one of the greatest inventions of all time, and without a doubt, it has changed the way we communicate with each other. However, there is a right time and place to use your phone, and a job interview is not it. Your phone should be turned off before you enter the room, and if you attempt to take a call, the interviewer might interpret your action as a sign of disinterest.   

3. How Much Does This Job Pay?

If you ask about money at the start of the interview, you may come off as money-hungry or uninterested in the actual job. Employers want to hire employees who are genuinely passionate about what they do, not those who only show up for a paycheck. Always let the interviewer bring up money first.  

4. I Really Don’t Like My Current Job

No one likes a negative Ned or Nancy, and if you complain about your current job, you may not walk away with a new one. Employers also don’t want to hire employees who will bad-mouth their company to others. If you truly hate your current job, keep it to yourself.  

5. I Don’t Know

When you say “I don’t know” you may as well say “This job interview isn’t important enough for me to formulate an acceptable answer.” This single sentence can doom virtually any job interview, so be sure to practice responding to common interview questions before actually going to the interview.  

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