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Why a Temporary Position Might Be the Bet Option for a Recent Graduate

Recent college graduates look forward to landing a fulfilling career they can be proud of. For most graduates, temporary positions never come to mind, but contrary to popular belief, taking a temporary position can help them get their foot in the door in terms of career development. Here are some reasons to consider hiring recent graduates for temporary positions.

Gain Valuable Experience

Finding a job without experience can be difficult for recent graduates, and many even end up having to take jobs they are over qualified for just to pay bills. Taking a temporary position is a great way to solve this problem. Temporary positions can provide grads with the experience they need to find a “real” job and can also help younger employees get acclimated to the working world. When an employer sees a graduate already has experience in a certain career field, they are significantly more likely to offer them a job.  

The Importance of Self-Exploration

Your early 20s is a time to learn about yourself, both on a personal and a professional level. Even though a person has a degree in a certain subject, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to use it. Many individuals are unsure about what type of career they want in college, leading them to choose a degree that gets them an unfulfilling job. Instead of being bound to a permanent job they may or may not like, many grads prefer to explore temporary career options? These shorter alternatives to traditional jobs can help them decide what they want to do with their life and career. 

Less Emotional Attachment

If you decide to move on from a temporary position, you won’t experience the same sense of loss as those who leave permanent positions. Changing positions is normal in the temp world, and when an employee decides to do so, most employers are understanding. Leaving a permanent position can cause a significant amount of stress for recent grads, especially if they don’t have another job lined up.  

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