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Slips, Trips and Falls

It is very important to prevent slips, trips and falls. Use the following list to identify the top ten common hazards associated with these types of injuries. 


1. Contaminants on the Floor  

    • Includes water, oil, and grease.

2. Poor Drainage

    • Pipes and drains.

3. Indoor Walking Surface Irregularities

    • Uneven floor surfaces.

4. Outdoor Walking Surface Irregularities

    • Holes, rocks, and debris.

5. Weather Conditions:  

    • Ice and Snow

6. Poor Lighting  

7. Stairs and Handrails

8. Step stools and Ladders

9. Trip Hazards: Clutter  

    • Includes hoses, wires and cables.

10. Improper Use of Floor Mats and Runners  

    • Prevent slips, trips, and falls by wearing slip resistant shoes, clean and maintain work space, and use barriers or other indicators.

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