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Tips for Interviewing After COVID- What You Need to Know

Preparation is key

Be sure to be professional- remember, you only make one first impression. Prepare for your interview in advance by researching the company, list out key facts or information points to reference in the interview and be sure to arrive early. Regardless of an on-site or virtual interview, it is important to be early to not only prepare, but also to distinguish yourself in the job market. List out skills, certifications and programs that you work with regularly and have experience with. This could be a differentiator for you against other candidates. Speak slowly and punctually- allowing yourself time to think and compose when answering questions. Focus on non-verbal communication and be sure to speak up and speak clearly.  

Dress Professionally

When attending an interview- it is important to dress professionally for both in-person and virtual interviews. Your appearance is one of the first things the interviewer will notice about you. Wear an appropriate outfit, for men a nice shirt with slacks or for women a nice shirt with slacks or a dress. Keep jewelry minimal and make sure your appearance is in tip-top shape.  

Provide samples

Whether they are physical samples or examples, come prepared to share during your interview. Many companies will want to know how you collaborate with others, as well as projects that you have worked on in the past. Share examples of how you have worked both independently as well as on a team.  

Practice COVID safety

Be sure to practice COVID safety procedures when interviewing in person. Wear a mask. Stay at least six feet apart. Sanitize your hands. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. It is important to be contentious of where you are if you are interviewing virtually. Choose somewhere quiet and away from others to prevent the noise distractions as well as maintaining a safe distance. Practice beforehand and troubleshoot your technology pieces- including the platform in which the interview is being held. Make sure there are not any downloads or registrations that need to be completed prior to interviewing. Many companies are also offering remote working opportunities. Discuss with the interviewer what options are available. 

Ask questions

It is important to ask questions in all interviews. Find out the requirements of the position, learn about COVID procedures that are in place, how they affect this position and ask about hiring timelines including next steps. Many companies are starting to resume hiring again- so it is important to understand all opportunities and their associated protocols when in the job market.  

Work with a staffing agency you can trust 

Find your next opportunity by teaming up with Nesco Resource for your job search. As one of the leading national staffing and employment agencies, our mission is to match job seekers with the available positions that are the best fit. Contact us today to learn more. 

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