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Tips for Putting Together a Great IT Resume

Do you want a job in technology? If the answer is yes, you will likely be tasked with writing a resume. Hiring managers are often required to read dozens of resumes, and if yours doesn’t stand out, you probably will not be called in for an interview. If you are applying for a job in the technology or IT industry, try bringing your resume to life with the following tips.

Emphasize Your Technical Skills

If you want a job in the technology industry, you will need to place emphasis on your technical skills. For many job seekers, adding a technical summary or expertise section to a resume is a great way to show off skills. To make your section readable, try separating it into subcategories that highlight each specific qualification. You should only list programs and applications you feel comfortable working with.

Incorporate Keywords

Do you usually incorporate keywords into your resume? If you don’t, you should start tailoring your resume to the industry you want to work in, and be sure certain words and phrases are used throughout. To find the right keywords, visit any popular job board and read through the posted technology jobs to see which words job posters frequently use. Once you make a list of these words, be sure they are seamlessly incorporated in your resume.

Include Additional Positions and Accomplishments

In general, most technology professionals know what to include in a basic resume, but if you want to go a step farther, you shouldn’t only list mundane tasks on your resume. Focus on what each task accomplished, and show the reader of your resume you were an integral part of your previous workplaces. Try using metrics (measurable results) whenever possible, and use bullets to organize information. In addition to previous jobs, you can also include the following in your resume:

• Volunteer experience

• School projects (if you are a recent graduate)

• Internships

• Contract work

When writing your resume, always use emotional, active language to keep the reader engaged and interested.

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