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Staffing Services

What We Do

Temporary Staffing

Nesco Resource is one of the leading temporary staffing agencies in the USA, with more than 70 branch offices supporting our clients nationwide. We work with our clients and with temps to ensure that a suitable pool of talent is ready for opportunities to grow. Whether it's seasonal employment or a pathway to a full-time job, Nesco Resource has the database of people and the industry knowledge to get the right people working at the right jobs today.

As one of the country's leading employment agencies, our branch office network has access to over 850,000 temp workers through our talent acquisition and staffing management software. The system brings together the myriad building blocks of sourcing, recruiting & hiring in one easy-to-use solution. Our network and technology gives our clients access to the best talent available from anywhere in the country, which is a critical advantage in today's fast changing employment market.

Looking for temporary employment?
Looking for temp workers?

Recruiting / Direct Hire

Nesco Resource provides direct hire support to our clients on a contingent search arrangement, regardless of the depth of the search we conduct. As one of the country's leading recruiting agencies, our direct hire recruiters are trained to utilize industry leading techniques for sourcing, attracting and recruiting talent, giving Nesco clients the expertise and attention needed to ensure a perfect fit.

On-Site Management

Nesco's On-Site Management Services augment our traditional transactional staffing services and moves beyond the conventional supplier / customer relationship of most employment agencies. When engaged, our On-Site Management solution delivers a true partnering relationship committed to achieving the advanced supplemental staffing business goals of our clients. We work to create and manage an overall plan that delivers greater workforce flexibility, higher productivity levels, increased profitability, enhanced quality control and workforce process improvement.

Key aspects of our On-Site Management Services include:

  • On-site and/or near-site dedicated managers
  • Master vendor arrangements
  • Multi-location coordination
  • Pre-employment screening and evaluations
  • Customized training and orientation programs
  • Management information reporting
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Safety training and compliance

Benefits of Nesco's On-Site Management Services include:

  • Enhanced co-employment protection
  • Single point of contact for all staffing needs
  • Implementation of standardized processes
  • Dedicated management of your entire flexible workforce
  • Improved quality control and resource planning
  • Leading edge service delivery technologies
  • Greater management of temporary labor expense
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws

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MSP & National Recruitment Services

Rely on Nesco's MSP and National Recruitment Services to support your enterprise and large-scale national recruiting needs.

Over the past decade, the growth of large multi-site MSP engagements and national corporate client agreements has grown exponentially. To best service this select set of clients, Nesco Resource established a centralized recruiting infrastructure that enhances service quality and provides a single-point-of-contact recruiting solution that delivers in-demand candidates throughout the entire U.S. for our MSP and national corporate accounts.

Nesco's MSP and National Recruitment Services provide clients with a centralized recruiting delivery infrastructure that delivers direct recruiting support for large-scale managed service programs and multi-location national accounts. Our centrally located recruiting infrastructure eliminates redundancy, enhances recruiting response time and ensures a high level of quality that meets the benchmarks established by MSP service providers and national corporate clients. Other benefits include:

  • Hands-on national service approach
  • Greater contract accountability
  • Flexible service delivery model
  • Scalable for large projects & deployments
  • Single point of accountability for deliverables
  • In-depth recruiting expertise

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Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Nesco is working with a growing number of companies as a recruitment process outsource (RPO) partner. To put it simply, we take on the recruitment tasks normally handled inhouse offering a significant savings in time and money. Nesco moves beyond filling positions; we work with our clients to streamline the process, create a shortlist of candidates, and ensure that a position is filled with maximum value. This moves beyond just filling a position. We work with our clients to ensure that their talent pool is not just filled with qualified people,but the people who are best suited to achieve the key performance indicators set by our clients like sales goals and customer satisfaction. Many of our RPO clients utilize our services for Call Centers, Sales Force, Logistics & Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Engineering.

Leveraging RPO, companies can achieve significant cost savings as well as improvements in efficiency. This includes cutting cost-per-hire by an average of 48% and achieving a 60% reduction in time-to-fill, and a 55% Improvement in their new-hire retention rate.

Today, building employment brand is just as important as building a product or service brand, and the same principals apply. Just as a happy customer remains loyal, companies who understand what engages their workforce are able to attract and retain high quality performers. Nesco Resource offers total employment marketing and branding solutions to help deliver the right fit for your culture. Utilizing proprietary technology, Nesco Resource helps enable clients to gain segmented data in order to better find, engage, and understand recruitment marketing effectiveness. From there, we work with clients to build a customized strategy across multiple channels to maximize recruitment success.

As a premier provider, Nesco Resource RPO services are helping to lead the way. With substantial industry experience and a diverse client base, our streamlined, scalable solutions are customized to your unique needs. From greater cost savings, process efficiencies and compliance to positive candidate experiences, reduced cycle-time and cutting edge technology integrations, clients of Nesco Resource have experienced transformations across the board. Operating as the client's internal recruitment function and strategic partner, Nesco Resource will work closely with the client to improve the recruitment efficiencies of quality of hire, speed of delivery, and cost containment.

Nesco Resource offers a full-cycle recruitment model that consists of three key elements designed to build and retain a robust talent pool for your company:

  • Workforce planning
  • Talent acquisition and engagement
  • Ongoing talent acquisition management

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CAD Design Services

Nesco can support your design and drafting needs at your location or at ours.

In conjunction with Nesco's engineering staffing recruiting expertise, we additionally provide our client's the flexibility to outsource CAD Drafting, Design and Document Conversion projects at Nesco Resource's Design Center in Rochester, NY. Nesco's CAD Design Services offers engineering, design and documentation management services to support clients throughout the entire U.S.

Software capabilities include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and NX. From product development, process automation, facility layout or project management, our staff of internal engineering and CAD professionals continually add value to Nesco's core service offerings.

Our team of in-house designers and engineers are experienced in every field of engineering, whether material handling, facilities, medical products, machine and tooling, or petrochemical and have completed projects for clients focused on:

  • Environmental
  • Construction
  • Machine/Tool
  • Structural
  • Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Rail/Transit
  • Energy
  • Scientific
  • Marine
  • Aerospace/Aircraft
  • Facility

In addition to our CAD Design Services, Nesco additionally is called upon to perform a variety of related services for our clients including Electronic Document Conversion, Document Scanning, and Technical Publication and Manual projects.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Outsourcing Just Makes Sense

To successfully compete in today's ever-changing business landscape and forecasted reforms, successful companies require a solution that provides flexibility to rapidly adjust their internal workforce without dramatically impacting their internal full-time employee expense. These organizations rely upon flexible payrolling solutions to achieve these objectives, and Nesco's Payroll Outsourcing Services delivers results.

Nesco's Payroll Services provide customized programs that match the unique business needs for clients that reduce internal full-time employee expense and provides flexibility required to add and adjust proven talent based upon workload.

Nesco Resource Provides Unsurpassed Expertise and Reliability.

Let Nesco Resource define and develop a fully integrated Payroll Outsourcing Service program customized to suit your unique business needs. Nesco Resource will save your firm both time and money with the direct expenses associated with Payroll Taxes, Unemployment, Workers Compensation, Heath Benefits and Payroll Processing. In turn, Nesco Resource's Payroll Outsourcing Services will allow you to focus on being more productive, competitive and profitable. Trust the experts at Nesco Resource to help your company efficiently and cost-effectively manage all of your company's personnel needs.

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Recruiter Training

Nesco Resource employs an extensive four-month training program operated out of its Recruiter Training center in in Lake Mary, Florida; one of the most rigorous of all recruiting firms in the United States. The program, focused primarily on Engineering and IT services, trains students (typically recent college graduates) for a career in recruiting through an intensive course that combines classroom work with real-world experience. The program then places graduates within the Nesco Resource national network of offices.

The Nesco National Training Center is unique for its duration and focus. The highly selective four-month program screens candidates for attributes common in successful recruiters and brings them to the National Training Center for four-months of training. The program combines classroom work with hands-on training in live situations. For example, recruiters-in-training learn about matching job requirements with skills and then have the opportunity to work in high-pressure, real world situations to apply that classroom learning.

Become a Recruiter
Recruiting is expected to grow significantly as companies look to increase their efficiency by better matching their job requirement with skills of candidates. In addition, contingent workforce is a growing trend in the United States. More than 2% of the US workforce today is categorized as contingent, and that figure is growing at a rapid rate (this is compared to over 4% in Europe.) As these trends develop, the recruiting industry is expected to grow significantly. Be part of this exciting and growing industry.