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About Nesco Resource

Nesco's DE&I Approach

As a leading national recruiting firm, Nesco Resource aspires to be a company united in vision, mission, and action. We are maniacal about employee and customer experience, in a space where everyone can freely share and contribute, and build up our communities.

While we are proud of our company, we acknowledge that we can do more to live our values as a company, now more than ever.

A group of Nesco Resource employees came together to lead a broader discussion about diversity, equity and inclusion and act as organizational catalysts. The Nesco Forward committee has outlined the following mission for our company:

To contribute to a more just and equitable society through the Diversity of our workforce. By the Inclusion of all the voices within our organization and beyond, we seek to attract and bolster the Retention of top talent. In doing so, we empower both employees and communities through true Equity.

Nesco Forward is not simply a call to action, but a continuation of our ongoing mission to serve you: our customers, our staff, our associates, and above all, our communities.
"At Nesco Resource, we are committed to evaluating and expanding our Diversity and Inclusion efforts throughout our organization. We will continually identify ways to improve our educational efforts around the importance and impact of diversity and seek to amplify the voices of our diverse employee, client and associate base." - Mary Beth Gunerra, Co-President of Nesco Resource

Nesco Forward Committee Members

Terri Ford, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Corporate Responsibility

Terri Ford (she/her), Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Corporate Responsibility

I joined Nesco Resource in 2018 as a Corporate Recruiter and also worked with our Medical Division as a Recruitment Development Manager. Now serving as the Director of DEI, & Corporate Responsibility, I am honored to help strengthen our organization's commitment to building a culture where each individual is respected, valued, and heard, while also ensuring the workplace reflects the communities we serve.

Fun fact: I love to travel! Among many of the amazing places I've visited are the Great Wall in Beijing, China, the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, the Haji Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt.
Vincent Holly, Service Delivery Team Lead

Vincent Holly (he/him), Service Delivery Team Lead

In my previous career experience, I was an Exceptional Education Teacher and Principal. I started at Nesco in 2018 as a Professional Recruiter for IT and Engineering and currently work as a Delivery Team Lead, where I try to bring the same passion for helping people move forward and succeed.

My colloquial nature lands me in conversations everywhere from the grocery line to board rooms. I think the world is a better place when we get to experience different people and expand who we are through those interactions. This is what led me into Diversity & Inclusion. Knowing that everyone has a value and that it should be recognized, celebrated, and encouraged within all of the spaces that we occupy.

Fun Fact: I could eat sushi every day and I spin vinyl records.
Dan Birnbaum (he/him), Senior Full Desk Recruiter

Dan Birnbaum (he/him), Senior Full Desk Recruiter

Hello from Rochester, NY - the land of the garbage plate, the pickle pizza, and the Finger Lakes! A bit about me... I bring over a decade of recruitment experience to the table, focusing on IT and technology-related positions. I hold a unique role at Nesco being one of few full desk recruiters, both winning in new clients and filling the jobs I bring in. I am of Jewish heritage, I've studied a bit of Tibetan Buddhism, my mother converted to Islam (specifically Sufism), and by living my truth as a gay man married to my husbear Matthew, I bring a unique perspective on diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. I hope to affect change throughout Nesco Nation by engaging in open and honest dialogue while helping to design a DE&I curriculum that will be impactful on an organizational level. In addition, while receiving my Bachelor's degree in Music Technology at Northeastern, I was the beatboxer for a collegiate acapella group, the Nor'easters.
Rachel Johnson, Market Manager

Rachel Johnson (she/her), Market Manager

My name is Rachel Johnson, I am the Branch Manager for the Clinton Township, MI, branch with Nesco Resource. I am a wife and a mother of 3 daughters and a son (nephew). I love football! I am from a small town in Michigan called Port Huron. I have a degree in early childhood education with a minor in business management from Baker College Flint.

I come from a very diverse background. My father was American Indian and black and my mother's ancestors derived from Nigeria and Senegal Africa. My mother worked her entire life as a nurse's assistant which introduced me to people with disabilities and learning acceptance of those that were different than myself. I volunteered at the nursing home she worked at as a teenager and later became an assistant behavioral specialist at Community Mental Health of St. Clair County. I've worked in the Port Huron Area school district as an inclusion teacher as well as in elementary school. I owned my own child care facility in Kimball Twp. Mi for 8 years. I am known to be strong-willed, however, carry my heart on my sleeve. I love to be silly and have fun and I love to learn from others. I inspire to be a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves.
Jeremy Dixon, Commercial VP

Jeremy Dixon (he/him), Commercial VP

I have been a VP with Nesco Resource for over 22 years, serving the Florida region. In the recent past, I have helped lead the acquisition conversion team for acquisitions of CRS, UltraForce, and TSI staffing, which have been recently acquired by Nesco. I was born in Pontypridd, Wales in the United Kingdom and have lived in Indiana, Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, California, and now Florida, giving me the opportunity to experience a diverse variety of people and cultures. I still have my British Passport and just recently became a US Citizen. I believe D&I embraces the differences and values that each person brings to the table- allowing us to create a stronger and more harmonious organization.

Fun fact: I am a nationally certified high-speed driving instructor with the Porsche Club of America!
Tanya Lemaster, Commercial Recruiter

Tanya Lemaster (she/her), Commercial Recruiter

My name is Tanya Lemaster and I've been a part of Nesco Nation since 2012. I started out as a temporary Admin for my branch and then moved into a Commercial Recruiter role shortly thereafter. After having my daughter in 2014, I did take about a year off. When I was ready to return to the workforce, Nesco welcomed me back with open arms. As far as Diversity and Inclusion goes, I feel they are key components to any organization – they keep ideas and perspectives fresh and evolving – and I'd like to be able to make an impact any way that I can, big or small; it all adds up. Fun fact about myself: I grew up in Washington state and climbing trees (barefoot!) was my favorite childhood activity.
Tonya Little, Market Manager

Tonya Little (she/her), Market Manager

My name is Tonya Little and I joined Nesco Resource in November 2016 as a Staffing Specialist. I was promoted to Branch Manager in 2018 and currently manage the Columbus East, Branch 68 office. I am passionate about delivering world-class customer service and I value this aspect in the PILLARS of Nesco Resource which are to be Personal, Professional, Proficient, and Purposeful. As a proven dedicated team member, I am eager and happy to be a part of the Nesco Forward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee that promotes cultural diversity in the organization. As a minority female in a leadership position, I feel that giving my unbiased opinion can lend credibility to Nesco's ability to create a Diverse and Inclusive environment.

Fun facts to know about me, I share a passion for tattoos with my children (you'd never know by looking at me), and I am PROUD of my Shawnee American-Indian heritage!
Marcy McKivitz, Commercial VP

Marcy McKivitz (she/her), Commercial VP

I have been part of the NescoNation family for more than 17 years and have enjoyed being part of the staffing industry for close to 30 years. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to travel, experience, and interact with a variety of people and had a wonderful opportunity to learn from them.

My personal journey for DE & I includes several initiatives. First as a female, and as a leader, I want to make sure that women are represented in leadership now and in the future. I also think that LGBTQ voices need to be heard within the organization.

As a lifelong Pittsburgher, I would like to give everyone the opportunity to know and experience Pittsburgh and appreciate what beautiful city it is and bring a bit of our local culture to the group. As an avid hiker and walker during the weekend you can find me on one of the many great trails Pittsburgh has along its riverfronts!
Alfreda Rena Riggins, Market Manager

Alfreda "Rena" Riggins (she/her), Market Manager

My Name is Alfreda Rena Riggins and I am the Market Manager for Home Care by Callos in Boardman, Ohio. I have over 10 years of experience within the medical field, serving in a variety of positions. I am into D&I because I am the mother of a child with Autism, and it is extremely important to me that he has a voice in this world. Everyone should feel included regardless of race, creed, color, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

My fun fact is, I love luxury hotels, and my dream job would be a Luxury Travel Advisor. I am also a licensed Travel Agent and former police dispatcher.
DeAnna Willett, Area Manager

DeAnna Willett (she/her), Area Manager

My name is DeAnna Willett and I am an Area Manager for the Houston, Orlando, and Tulsa markets. Originally from Lake County Ohio, I now reside in Houston, TX. I previously served as Vice President for Home Care by Callos, the Home Care division for Nesco Resource. Prior to coming to work for Nesco Resource, I owned a Medicare Certified and Joint Commission accredited Home Health Care Company for 7 years and provided skilled nurses, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, licensed social worker, and home health aides to the residents of Cuyahoga and Lake County.

After discovering my passion for seniors and caring for people I decided to go to Willoughby Tech Nursing School and graduated in 2003. I took my love for nursing and combined it with my entrepreneurial spirit and attended a program I graduated from in 2014 called Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunities by providing greater access to education, capital, and business support services.

As a mother of two bi-racial children and one who is part of the LGBTQ community, I am passionate about supporting, learning, and assisting in the evolution of inclusion and diversity at Nesco/Callos Resource.

I'm passionate about fine dining and a huge foodie "always in the mood for food".
Samantha Alvarez, Senior Business Development Manager

Samantha Alvarez (she/her), Senior Business Development Manager

My name is Samantha Alvarez and I have been working with our Southern Arizona teams in the Western Region since July of 2019. Joining the Nesco Resource team was my first introduction to the staffing industry, my background had mainly been in Operations and hands on training and development of employees, with a focus on those working into first time leadership positions within the hospitality industry. At Nesco, I enjoy partnering with our clients and building the kind of rapport and trust that leads to open communication and transparency.

I grew up on a ranch in the outskirts of Tucson- which explains my love for animals. I love good music, audiobooks, and going on adventures with my little family. Those who know me would say I am constantly questioning things and I ask why too much, but that it is inspired by my insatiable curiosity and my quest for knowledge.

My path to becoming involved with DE&I is largely inspired by my continuous journey to becoming a better ally, and my evolving appreciation of what it means to be one's authentic self. I think that diverse organizations benefit from a richness of ideas, experiences, and ways of working and I want to be a part of that.


  • Did you know that companies with a higher representation of women in c-suite level positions result in over 30% greater returns?
  • Organizations with diversity and high employee engagement continually outperform those with below-average numbers of diversity and engagement from 46% to 58%.
  • Companies and organizations that are in the top tier of supporting diversity in their workplace are 35% more likely to surpass peers in their respective markets. This includes higher-than-average diversity (racial/ethnic and gender) and higher-than-average profit correlation- when compared to similar organizations.
  • 2D diversity (inherent and acquired) organizations are 45% more likely to capture larger portions of their respective markets and are up to 70% more likely to have entered into a new market within the last year.
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