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How Expressing Gratitude Makes You a More Effective Leader

The most skilled leaders are the ones who focus on people over processes. All the productivity hacks and business strategies will not be successful unless you prioritize the human side of the workplace. A simple but often overlooked way to improve your leadership skills is by intentionally looking for and communicating things for which you are appreciative. Learn more about how expressing gratitude makes you a more effective leader below:

1. Employees Will Work Harder

Engagement in the workplace is typically the result of employees feeling like their work matters that it is not only noticed, but appreciated. When you tell your employees that you are thankful for the work they do, it will make them feel valued. In turn, this will motivate them to work harder and continue putting in the effort since it is worthwhile.

2. There Will Be Less Turnover

High turnover rates are not only stressful, but they waste time and money. When employees decide to leave their jobs, it's often because of job dissatisfaction - of which the root cause is their relationship with their managers. By putting in the effort to express your gratitude, your employees will have a more positive, trustworthy relationship with you and be less inclined to quit.

3. It Enhances Collaboration

At the most fundamental level, giving sincere praise to your employees makes you a more likable leader. It then makes them more inclined to want to play their part in doing work and performing quick favors that you ask of them because they do not want to let you down. Being mindful of cultivating an attitude of gratitude toward your employees will enhance collaboration and make the team more efficient and innovative.

4. It Improves Your Own Mood

The beauty of getting into the habit of expressing gratitude is that you start to naturally look for the positive side of things, which ends up making you happier than when you only notice stressors or shortcomings. It improves your own mood, which allows you to be a more thoughtful manager who makes intentional decisions, rather than knee-jerk reactions that occur as a result of being short-tempered or flustered.

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