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Is It Time To Change Jobs?

Leaving your job is a major decision, especially when you are uncertain if the timing is right. It can be challenging to discern between normal bad days or outright job dissatisfaction. Plus, stepping outside of your familiar comfort zone for the unknown can be scary. Feel confident in whatever decision you make; check out these signs it may be time to change jobs:

1. Your Performance is Dropping

Are you putting forth your best effort with your job duties, or has it started to decline? If your performance is dropping, such as you procrastinating more or only putting in the bare minimum, it may be a sign that you have stopped caring, and your job no longer fulfills you.

2. You Have No Opportunity to Grow

Even if you like your job and the accompanying work environment, if you are stuck in that position with no chance of advancing, it may be time to move on. No opportunity for growth, such as learning new skills and increasing your responsibilities, could hold your entire career back.

3. It’s a Mismatch with Company Culture

Working at a place where you do not share common core values can be emotionally draining and prevent true job satisfaction. Think about how well you fit in with the company culture - if it is a mismatch, it is time to find a place that better aligns with your own values and tendencies.

4. The Company Seems Unstable

Constant structural reorganizations or high turnover rates, especially in leadership roles, is a warning sign for the company’s future. If there are indications that your employer is unstable, it may be best to start planning your exit strategy before things get worse.

5. Thinking About Going to Work Makes You Miserable

Of course, there are going to be times you would much rather be anywhere than work. However, if during your time off, you are completely miserable thinking about going back to work, it is time to quit and find another opportunity that you do not dread.

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