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The Benefits of Using Staffing Companies During Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chains keep processes running efficiently, but are generally extremely vulnerable, as any weakness in the chain, from a broken machine to a natural disaster or even a global health pandemic like COVID-19, can completely disrupt it. In fact, in 2019, supply chain disruption resulted in global losses of approximately $150 billion, according to insights from McKinsey & Company, so it’s crucial to be proactive at mitigating the risk and being as prepared as possible. Since supply chain disruptions are not typically predictable, a solution to dealing with them is working with a staffing company to help during these times. Learn more about how using an employment agency can help during supply chain disruption:

Improves Speed of Turnaround

If you want to prevent any more bottleneck than what already occurs during a supply chain disruption, you'll need to focus on agility and being able to react faster to the circumstances than your competitors. The benefit of working with a staffing firm is it can improve the speed of turnaround and catch up in fulfilling orders by allowing you to hire temporary employees and have more hands on deck - which is a much more realistic solution than trying to simply have your current staff work as much overtime as possible.

Increased Coverage for Labor Shortages

Often the circumstances that cause supply disruption may also impact your employees, such as natural disasters or illness outbreaks. This then triggers a labor shortage that can make the effects of the supply chain disruption even worse.

However, using a staffing firm during these times can alleviate further disruption by increasing your worker coverage during labor shortages. If you're understaffed because employees are unable to work because of the circumstances, a staffing firm can quickly bring on temporary employees to help maintain operations. Alternatively, if you supply goods or services that become more crucial during these times, workers can help meeting temporary increases in demand.

Helps Preserve Customer Satisfaction

Customers are bound to be let down at least somewhat because of supply chain disruption since it can cause delays in order fulfillment or an outright lack of availability. Focus on the factors you can control in preserving customer satisfaction with the help of a staffing firm. Bringing on additional workers can help you with more quickly performing whatever tasks you can, and responding to inquiries in a timely manner, so customers don't feel ignored on top of everything else. When business operations resume as normal, they will remember how they were treated and be more loyal to your company.

How Can Nesco Resource Help?

Establish a relationship with a staffing firm you can trust by partnering with Nesco Resource. We are among the leading employment agencies in the nation and can assist you in attracting candidates for your hiring needs, from temporary to recruitment/direct. Contact us today to learn more about the employment services Nesco Resource can provide.

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