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Tips on Showing Your Personality in a Professional Interview

Interviews can be intimidating, and many job seekers are surprised to find that modern employers look for more than immaculate credentials now. Of course, credentials will always matter, but during an interview, employers will be hoping to catch a glimpse of your real personality. If you have difficulty expressing your true personality during job interviews, here are some basic tips that may help.

Reference Real-Life Situations When Answering Questions

During interviews, you will almost certainly be asked at least some of the following questions:

• What is your greatest strength?

• How do you deal with difficult situations?

• Describe your biggest accomplishment?

These are general questions, but you can insert a bit of your personality into your answers by using real-life examples. You can use examples from your most recent job, community service or even extracurricular activities. By using personal stories, you can help the interviewer better understand you and your life.

Learn to Relax

When you are anxious, it can be difficult to relax and give authentic interview answers. This may sound like an obvious fact to many job seekers, but when you are nervous, it is possible to misrepresent yourself in a way you regret later on. Before heading into an interview, it is in your best interest to destress and focus. The following activities can help you calm down before an interview:

• Meditation

• Deep breathing techniques

• Exercise

Once you have calmed down, you will have a much easier time providing personal information during an interview.

Discuss Commonalities

Before you go to an interview, it would be wise to research your interviewer and the company to find commonalities. During the interview, you can discuss these commonalities with the interviewer. You can take advantage of social media to find out about the interests, hobbies and educational background of the interviewer. When you discuss commonalities, the interviewer will be able to relate to you on a much more personal level.

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